Working with volunteers

  1. Make your volunteer look good. Goal should be for the rest of the audience to say to themselves, “That looked like fun. Maybe I will be chosen next.”
  2. Get agreement before making contact - come with a proposition.
  3. Be clear what you want the volunteer to do.
  4. Enter the prospective volunteer’s space. Don’t be afraid of rejection.
  5. Their enjoyment is your employment.
  6. Never pull someone on stage who doesn’t want to go If volunteer is uncomfortable, or uncooperative, return him to his seat and apologize nicely so next volunteer knows he will be treated well.
  7. Take the blame if the volunteer screws up. Example: If the volunteer throws a ball over your head, rather than to your hand, react as if you were in the wrong place, rather than that the ball was thrown badly.
  8. If the volunteer is happy, the audience will be happy. Take the time to be sure your volunteer is breathing.
  9. Use verbal and non-verbal yes-sets.
  10. Always reassure volunteer that they are doing well, and that whatever they do is correct.
  11. Find verbal and non-verbal tactics to get volunteer.
  12. Their enjoyment is your employment.

© 2005 Avner Eisenberg

Working with volunteers in Portuguese