Avner has collaborated with many artists in devising, revising, developing, and directing shows.

Hilary Chaplain in A life in Her Day

Hilary Chaplain — Hilary’s innovative one woman show, A Life in Her Day, tours worldwide.

“Avner helped me take my show to the next level, not only in its structure and content, but in my mind as well. As an audience member and as a teacher, I fully understand the power of simplicity. As a performer I was petrified that it wasn’t enough. He helped me to overcome that barrier and fully delight in it’s beauty and depth.”

Julie Goell in Carmen, The Mopera

Julie Goell — Julie is a brilliant artist, hilarious comedian, and a lyrical singer. Her one-woman version of Carmen, seen from the point of view of the cleaning lady at the opera, creates a new genre, the moperetta. This show was conceived, and originally directed by Mark Ross, a longtime collaborator of Avner and Julie’s.

“Avner’s ability to clarify a gag beat by beat, from inception to punch-line is both uncanny and rare. He is a master craftsman of the comic turn and I’m thrilled to have his hand (not only in marriage) but in crafting a touring show which can play comfortably in any venue, and for any audience.”

Mandy Huotari in Soiree

Mandy Huotari — You're in good hands with Elizabeth, a charming and witty hostess who, despite pretensions, is contagiously optimistic. A “bon vivant” she never lets a glass get empty. However, tonight is full of surprises and by pouring herself “just a splash” at a time, Elizabeth spills it all. This is one party you won't want to miss. Written and performed by Amanda Huotari. Directed by Avner Eisenberg.

“I took my first workshop with Avner and Julie when I was 16. In two weeks of classes, I got one laugh. I found that one laugh encouraging enough to come back again. And again. And again. In the Eccentric Workshop’s core principles and experiential exercises, I found that my freedom and joy on stage the grew tremendously and its continued to richen with time. After spending several years performing in a touring ensemble, there reached a point when creating a solo show was the natural next step. I came to Avner with show based on a strong comic character and a premise full of audience interaction, but I needed direction to both define moments and to strengthen the overall arch. Avner is not afraid to ask big questions. He encouraged me to experiment with every bit, to take big risks, and go deep into the place of “not knowing.” With our shared language from the Eccentric pedagogy, we were able to make great progress together over a short period of time. As a result, The Soiree is an evening of theater inspired by clown, full of improvisation, and in a voice that is my own. Avner, thank you for helping my notes find their song!”

Drew Richardson in Help! Help! I Know This Title is Long, But Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me!

Drew Richardson — (foolish theater for smart audiences). Drew’s one man show, Help! Help! I Know This Title is Long, But Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me! is charming and amazing.

“Avner has been a creative provocateur for my show, always challenging me to go from ‘good enough’ to ‘great.’ He knows that subtle, small changes can have big effects and bring theatre to life—something I could not have done just working by myself. His love for this art form shows in the care and knowledge he brings to performing, teaching, and directing.”

Danny Schlesinger in Lighter than Air

Danny Schlesinger — Directorial collaboration on Danny’s enchanting show, Lighter than Air.

“Avner was a fine collaborator in developing my show Lighter than Air. Changing the order of things, editing, tweaking and prodding was just on the first day. When push comes to shove, Avner does both. He transformed my ideas into laughable material. He has great experience in many fields which he drew upon to bring out the best in me. I still refer to the notes I took to remind and inspire me to continue on the road where Avner has set me on.”

Rob Torres in No Place Like Home

Rob Torres — Rob creates a whole world with a piece of string and a roll of masking tape in No Place Like Home. Rob has been to three Eccentric Performing workshops, where his show was conceived, developed, and polished.

“Collaborating with Avner on my show, has been and continues to be a fantastic experience. Avner has a great talent for bringing out the best in people on stage, a gentle way of correcting the things that don’t work, and great patience as I try to understand all his notes. My abilities on stage have grown exponentially from his guidance, and I feel that this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Rafael van Herck

Rafael van Herck — Rafael is a multi-talented performer who is equally comfortable in English, Flemmish, and French. He has performed his charming blend of magic, comedy and horror worldwide. What a pleasure it has been to watch Rafael grow as an artist over the years, and an honor to have had some small influence.

“Avner, I couldn’t have wished for a better director than you! Not only did you help me to reach the next level with my act, you also helped me in every aspect of theater, character development and performing arts. When all that is put together it’s more than just a magic act. It’s a huge magical theater production! Working with you surpassed all of my expectations!”

Iman Lizarazu

Iman Lizarazu— Iman is a charming and inventive performer from the Basque region of France. She is a long time student of Eccentric Performing. Her one-woman show, Commedia Della Basque, directed by my wife and partner, Julie Goell, is the comic tale of an insomniac who battles for the embrace of Morpheus. See her new promo video here.