Anatomy of a Toilet Paper Rose

© 2005 Avner Eisenberg

Fold a 6-foot length of toilet paper in half the long way, then follow the numbered diagrams.
1. Paper is already folded in half the long way. 1st right angle fold is shown on left. There are two tabs or legs, each about 3 feet long. One is on top and the other is on bottom. Always fold top leg under at a right angle. 2. Here top leg has already been folded under. Leg pointing stright down is now the top leg. It will be folded under to match photo 3.
3. Leg pointing right is the new top leg. It will be folded under so that it points right. Continue folding the alternating top legs under until your packet looks like photo 4. 4. Here the folding is finished.

Turn packet over.

5. Packet in turned over position. 6. Grasp both legs and let packet drop.
7. DNA of a paper rose! 8. Make a circle of your forefinger and thumb, trapping one of the legs. Pull the other leg through the circle letting the petals pile up.
9. The finished rose.