Maine Singers’ Atelier

The next round of sessions at Maine Singers’ Atelier is just around the corner. Time to dust off your vocal folds and set your inner songbird free!

Participants come from a variety of musical backgrounds and genres to work in the supportive, lab-style atmosphere of the Atelier. Sessions include stage movement and vocal technique followed by individual coaching with moderator Julie Goell.

This is the ideal venue to prepare material for performance, auditions, competitions or simply for your pleasure!


Maine Singers’ Atelier, 21 Chestnut Street, # 604, downtown Portland, across from Portland High School.
Dial #614 on the intercom.

Info & Registration

Please dress to move, bring a pencil and 3 copies of your music: one for the pianist, one for the coach, and one for you.

studio: (207) 807-6666

About the Atelier

Maine Singers’ Atelier is an engaging lab for singers to hone their craft before a live audience of peers. It includes physical and vocal training, acting technique and live performance opportunities with personal coaching by veteran performer and Atelier founder Julie Goell. The Atelier is an ideal forum for singers at any juncture of their careers to work on material for auditions, recitals, competitions and engagements. Participants present scenes and solos from opera, musical theater, spoken theatre, jazz, performance art, puppet arts, and original singer-songwriter repertoire.